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One on One Coaching

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Why Fitmotive is your most trusted option.

At Fitmotive we have a direct focus to help you achieve and surpass your wellness goals. Not only do we guide you in reaching your goals, but we make sure that you have the necessary support throughout the process.  


At Fitmotive, your goal is our goal.


Fitness plans for all fitness goals.  Fitmotive programs are personalized for YOU & your goals.  They're even adjusted every single month to keep you at your best.


  Eat good, feel good!  Fitmotive nutrition plans are personalized for you, based on your goals, food preferences, restrictions & limitations, and what works best for you.  Your nutrition plans are adjusted every single month!

Every month is a new opportunity to meet face to face with your personal Fitmotive coach.  Here you and your coach will discuss your progress and create strategies to help you stay motivated and keep you on your toes.

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Keep your coach updated.  Our weekly check-ins are the best way to update your coach on how each week has been for you, including strengths, challenges, accomplishments, and more, to help prepare you for a successful week in front of you.

Support is essential in any success.  Throughout your Fitmotive wellness journey you will have direct access to communicate with your coach when you need it most.  Questions, assistance, a daily boost... yup, we're by your side!  

The Process


Step 1:

Book your free assessment with the coach that you would like to team up with.


Step 2: 

Your coach will begin designing your personalized plans around your goals.


Step 3: 

Your coach will send your initial plans and your journey begins!


Yup, it's as easy as that!

Find a coach that's right for you.

Choosing a coach that's right for you is important for confidence and comfort throughout your journey. You can trust that each of our coaches provide top notch support and have overcome their own hardships and challenges throughout their own journey(s).  Each of our coaches are certified in nutrition and training, and ready to help you achieve your best.

Let's Get Started!

The first step to your better self!  

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