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"Fitmotive is a program every business can benefit from."

So, why Fitmotive?

We've made it our mission to prioritize wellness and take it to a higher level.  We've designed our wellness programs by real people, for real people, to provide the best possible experience and opportunity in living a healthy lifestyle.  For most of us, it's the resources and the lack of support that halts us in living a healthy lifestyle; that's where we come in.  At Fitmotive, we provide the tools AND support to guide your team to feel, live, and perform their best.

Here's how:

First, we build your Fitmotive Wellness Program customized to your teams needs which includes the following

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Fitness Plans


Our fitness plans range from beginners to intermediate so that everyone can benefit from them.  Each month your team receives new plans!

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Monthly Challenges


Set up to connect your team on a higher level & help one another become better inside & outside of the workplace.

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Nutrition + Recipe Plans


New recipes, tips, and guides every month to help make eating healthy enjoyable, fun, and delicious!

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Accessible Support


Our team is here to listen.  We want to make sure the experience your team has is a great one, so we'll make it easy to ask questions, make requests & be heard.

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Wellness Workshops


Private workshops hosted by a variety of professionals to help in areas such as sports therapy, mental health, nutrition, exercise, and more.

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Habit Planning


Daily habits guide with new daily habits every month to help your team improve quality of life, learn, and improve.

Employer Benefits

It's simple how your company or organization will benefit from Fitmotive.

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Reduce absenteeism rates.

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retention + reduced turnover.

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Teamwork + employee interaction.

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Enhanced corporate image.

Employee Benefits

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Employee Morale & Productivity.

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Reduce sickness


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Increase awareness of health risks.

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Build relationships among employees. 

Team Meeting

Schedule a call with a one of our wellness program experts today! 


Have Questions?  Ask Away!

Every great company has a wellness program behind them.

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