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Wedding Ready W/ Brooke 👰🏼

I worked with Shane for a year leading up to my wedding - he had a whole plan for me over the year, and it really helped me to stay on track with my routines.

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Brooke says,

“There is something about setting goals, and wanting to accomplish something for YOU! I knew I wanted to look & feel my best on my wedding day, and a big part of that was recognizing I needed some help with my nutrition habits, and wanted to improve so that I could guarantee I’d be feeling energized, well rested, and nourished on a day I knew I’d be needing it the most. Investing in yourself is so important, however that looks for you!

“Shane was amazing at checking in and providing motivation when I couldn't find it on my own, but most importantly would encourage healthy habits and mindsets (like the fact that you shouldn't only rely on motivation) — he'll set you up with a routine that fits in your schedule, provide meal plans that actually taste good, and sets up monthly and weekly check ins so you are always on it!”

Brooke, we’re so proud of your progress over the last year, and we’re thrilled that you were able to look + feel your absolute best on your wedding day!

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